An Exclusive Access to ScarQuest Alpha Testing!

7 min readApr 4, 2024

Conquer New Frontiers in the Ultimate Gaming Experience with ScarQuest: Battle for Velhalla Alpha Testing Patch Updates

We have reached the last phase of Alpha Testing with more upgrades for another level of gaming experience.

With that, here are the new features in Alpha — Version 5:

  • Added the in-game store system.
  • Added the ability to send emojis in PvP battles.
  • Introduced the Hero’s Journey system in PvP battles.
  • Added fast-forward and mid-match exit functions to the battle replay feature.
  • Restricted gathering-related constructions to be built only on planetary land.
  • Merged the refinery and storage box on Star Island into one.
  • Updated the contents of the beginner login rewards.
  • Updated the PvP rank interface to show all ranks only when the rank icon is clicked.
  • Adjusted the victory and defeat text in the PvP battle settlement interface.
  • Replaced the icons for deck selection and deck editing.
  • Adjusted the early tutorial process, giving players chrono chests with short unlock time in the early games.
  • Fixed an issue with misalignment of text in the opening comic dialogue.
  • Fixed a bug where the building models did not flip when switching Star Island to defense deployment.
  • Fixed an issue where button text in some systems exceeded the interface boundaries.
  • Fixed a bug where decks could be sent into battle without including any units.
  • Fixed a bug where the resource return quantity upon canceling construction was incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where the deck name did not switch when changing decks.
  • Fixed a bug where the crafting interface sometimes allowed crafting with insufficient materials.

You were in for an excitement as ScarQuest Alpha — Version 4.5, kicked off with a blast for an entire week!

Now, let’s dive into the scoop on the latest upgrades:

  • Added the Chrono Chest feature; Chrono Chests drop after winning offensive or defensive battles.
  • Incorporated the Chrono Chest info into the offensive and defensive battle UI interfaces. It will also now show the maximum pillage limit.
  • Removed 5-star and 10-star chest features from the Offensive and Defensive battles.
  • Added Land Exchange Voucher item to the Chrono Chest drop list.
  • Merged Home Base with the battlefield; clicking the “Edit Battlefield” button in Home Base will convert it into a battlefield in space.
  • Optimized the troop deployment’s controls to better enable unit drops easily.
  • Replaced the main quest from opening 10-star chests to opening Chrono Chests.
  • Adjusted the offensive and defensive battle matchmaking; it now prioritizes matching with online players you haven’t encountered in a while.
  • Changed the cost of different reinforcement skills to consume varying quantities of reinforcement items and updated the UI interface to reflect the change.
  • Updated the appearance of the Home Base and the battlefield.
  • A filter for cards used in different decks is affected in the Unit Synthesis and upgrade selection interface. The synthesis UI now requires the selection of material cards individually before synthesis.
  • The game will now display energy consumption in the detailed info interface of the Geological Research Lab, Biological Research Lab, and Decoration Factory.
  • Introducing a new energy replenishing item that can be used to recharge factory energy.
  • Added a label in the tile selection interface to indicate if the tile is already used in the defensive configuration.
  • In the backpack and synthesis selection interface, unit cards no longer show skill icons but display combat power instead.
  • Adjusted the size of tank-type unit models.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking the matchmaking button once resulted in entering two different match-ups.
  • Fixed a bug where the player can’t select other units after choosing two units in the gathering interface.
  • Fixed a bug where the defensive side has their resources pillaged despite winning the battle.
  • Fixed a bug where units summoned by heroes had incorrect stats.
  • Fixed a bug in the unit synthesis and upgrade interface where the acquired skills were displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug in the land management interface where the land rank is displayed incorrectly.

We were beyond thrilled to announce that the launch of Scarquest Alpha — Version 4 was all set to fire up.

Here’s a look back at the scoop on the upgrades from Alpha — Version 4:

  • Included a battle reconnection feature.
  • Added energy-cost, detailed info, and icons to the crafting and building interfaces.
  • Updated the crafting interferes with newly enhanced graphics showing energy costs.
  • Optimized the land information interface to show daily production resources.
  • Fixed a bug in the unit upgrade interface that caused skill hints to persist even after deselecting a unit.
  • Corrected a bug in the crafting interface where the quantity of materials was incorrectly displayed after running out of energy.
  • Addressed a bug where participating in foreign invasion would erroneously increase the number of attacks in the seven-day mission.
  • Fixed an issue in the deck selection interface where unit icons from removed decks remained.
  • Ensured that resolution-related settings in the configuration now have proper Chinese translations.
  • In the battlefield, selecting a unit card would prompt the energy cost in the energy bar and the drag area.
  • When all unit cards were used in battle, a “deck depleted” notification would appear.
  • Adjusted the size of certain units to better match their unique physiques.
  • Updated the arena rank interface to display player points and rankings together.
  • Increased the raid limit back to 20 times and adjusted related economic and resource output. A notification would appear when the limit was reached.
  • Increased the number of ways to acquire reinforcement orders daily.

ScarQuest Alpha leveled up with the latest Version 3.5, and you were in for a treat!

We made fantastic improvements to enhance the gaming experience.

Here’s a quick look back at what was new:

  • Added a real-time active reinforcement skill for defense battles.
  • Updated the UI display for the synthesis and energy consumption page.
  • Updated the defense and siege interface to show ranking tiers.
  • Enhanced the gathering skills of certain units.
  • Reduced gathering time for faster resource collection.
  • Improved the research time required for the UI display format.
  • Streamlined the synthesis and dismantlement UI, including changes to the cancel button text and disabling clicking when no unit is selected.
  • Fixed a display error in 7-day missions that showed an incorrect amount of rewards given.
  • Rectified a typography error in the raid UI for a better visual experience.

After the success of Alpha — Version 2.5, we introduced Scarquest Alpha — Version 3!

Building upon the success of Alpha — Version 2.5 brought forth game-enhancing improvements.

Here’s a recap of what was in store:

  • Adjusted the number of required materials for production and synthesis.
  • Fixed the incorrectly displayed coin requirement on the synthesis UI.
  • Corrected the incorrectly displayed synthesis success rate during multiple synthesis attempts.
  • Resolved the issue where players couldn’t exit the synthesis UI after completing a synthesis.
  • Enjoy a refreshed image for siege battle entry.
  • Smooth transitions: The 7-day mission UI will now automatically close when transitioning to the gathering interface, reducing screen clutter.
  • A clearer view: The 7-day mission progress bar display issue has been fixed.
  • Enhanced usability: Upon entering the 7-day mission interface, the default tab will now correspond to the current day’s missions.
  • Battle enthusiasts, rejoice: Battle replay functionality is now available!

Fresh from the success of Alpha — Version 2 testing, we were thrilled to announce Scarquest Alpha Version 2.5!

During Alpha — Version 2.5, we introduced:

  • A new “Enemy Strike” mode!
  • Display of star levels on the building list.
  • Fix the gathering UI display error.
  • Correction of bugs in the building system’s layer placement and scoring.
  • Resolution of the 7-day tour error.
  • Inclusion of reward-claiming reminders in the 7-day tours.

After our Pre-Alpha, we were amazed by the community’s support. Now, let’s reflect on our journey to Alpha — Version 2.

Let’s take a look back at the incredible updates that unfolded during this phase!

During Alpha — Version 2, we made the following additions and adjustments:

  • Added the 7-day mission system, including the Novice 7-day missions and the Recurring 7-day missions.
  • Adjusted the content of the main missions for new players due to recurring missions in the 7-day missions.
  • Adjusted the rewards and economy balance to match the 7-day missions and upcoming new gameplay features.
  • Introduced new visual animations of the Home Base being destroyed in siege mode.
  • Enhanced the overall visuals of the Home Base, such as adding flying aircraft patrolling around it.
  • Optimized the visual effects for planets and bodies of water.
  • Refined the scoreboard interface to better display pillaged resources in siege mode.
  • Improved level of editing:

– Added grid lines for a better visual layout experience.

– Deploying units on the map played striking visual effects.

– Characters deployed prioritized appearing in tiles with sufficient COST, rather than fixed positions in the first zone.

– Non-deployable zones (including terrains, main bases, and regions with deployed units) were highlighted with red grid lines.

– When a selected unit moved to a non-deployable zone, the green arrow beneath it turned red.

  • Reverted character creation resources to the official version; this test was conducted using official version resources.

The Exclusive Pass to ScarQuest Pre-Alpha Testing — Where the Community Shapes the Game’s First Chapters!

We carefully selected a group of dedicated members who participated in this special opportunity.

The goal of Pre-Alpha was to:

  1. Test the feasibility and balance design of the core game loop (battle, mining, and building).
  2. Assess the stability of the system builds.
  3. Collect early suggestions and feedback.

MetaMask and on-chain integration were not required to focus on testing the game itself.

Issues that still existed but hadn’t been fixed in Pre-Alpha were:

  1. Optimization of the English and Chinese tutorials and UI text.
  2. The pillaged resources displayed in the combat score screen UI differed from the combat log. The score screen animation also needed improvement.
  3. Awkward team formations in the combat record.
  4. Issues that appeared when energy was almost spent.
  5. The resolution setting jumped to the lowest resolution.
  6. Increase the impact of being pillaged by other players.

To aid alpha testers, we provided them with the following resources (they were almost unlimited):

  • 18 starting units.
  • 3 starting land plots.
  • 8888888 of the following resources: game currency, crystal, jade, and platinum.
  • Time booster (for Speed Boost) 8888888.
  • Pick axe (for Mining use) 8888888.
  • Reinforcement Order (for Battlefield Reinforcements use) 8888888.
  • Heroic Essence (to increase Hero Rank Up rate) 8888888.
  • Combat tile essence (to increase Land Rank Up rate) 8888888.
  • 33 types of decoration blueprints, for a total of 200 blueprints.

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