Developer Update Sessions 11 & 12

3 min readFeb 2, 2023

Time has gone so fast and we’re just a few steps closer to Velhalla’s full-game launch! Since October, the DEV team has shown us new features and improvements in DEV Update S11 with better Land Rewards (01:35–03:50), Character Skills (03:50–07:22), and Battle Progress (07:22–07:38). You can also check out the Combat Demo (07:38–10:55) to see the new skills in action.

The team knows how much you love our rare NFTs, so we’ve added Campaign NFTs (10:55–14:17) such as Character Heroes and decoration Units that you can obtain through our Discord Task Force and Game Nights. The DEVs have also been working on System Design (14:17–14:23), Log-in Rewards (14:23–15:42), and 7 days log-in rewards (15:42–16:33). As well with the new Deploy Defense (16:33–18:46) and the upgraded Warehouse Feature (18:46–20:38) and Planet & Planet-building Feature (20:38–22:39). In terms of Art Production (22:39–22:58), the DEVs have been working on new ways to make the game more visually stunning. We’ve also improved the Deploy Defense Feature (22:58–24:25) and added Special Decoration (24:25–26:55) of 3D Draft & 3D Model. You can also see the improved art style of the game with Animation and Model Adjustments of the Character (26:55–30:14).

We’re always looking for ways to improve Velhalla and make it the best it can be. With the latest DEV Update S12 for November, we’re excited to announce the release of our new Decoration Collection Design (02:31–04:53) and Scene Collection (04:54–05:31) feature for players to make their home base truly unique. We’re also giving a shear sneak peek of what the players will experience out of the game with the improved Unite Detailed Info (05:32–06:21) feature, Ranking & Ranking Rewards UI (06:22–08:00) as well as the Ranking System (08:04–08:37). With the updated 3D Model of Special Decorations (08:40–10:52) and new Art Style for the Character (10:53–11:50) together with Character 3D Draft and 3D Model (11:51–12:45), we’re giving the players an exciting gameplay experience.

We’ve also been working on Minions (12:45–13:48) and Characters’ Animation & Model Adjustments (13:49–16:20) to make them more detailed and exciting. We also tweaked the Battleground Effects (16:21–19:22) and Character Skills VFX (19:23–20:54) to give the players a more visually stunning battle game. With all these exciting development updates, the DEVs also made improvements to Battleground Production (20:55–21:37), Harvest Unit Deployment (21:38–21:12) and added a Building in the Homebase Shuttle (24:13–25–19) and Building on the Planet (25:20–26:35) to give players even more ways to build and customize their home base.

Finally, we’re excited to announce the most anticipated development update that allows players to Design their own Dungeon (26:36–30:07) and Combat Battle (30:08–33:18).

For the past months, the DEV team bring a host of exciting new features and improvements for players to enjoy. There are still more exciting updates before the full game release that will be shared with everyone!

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