Experience ScarQuest at New Heights: A walk-through in the Closed Beta Rollout!

6 min readApr 4, 2024

The highly anticipated Mobile Version is now available for both Android and iOS users!

Discover what’s new in Closed Beta Phase 1.2:

  • Added new Cyborgs units: HANGINGCANNONS LUCIA and DISMANTLER Z-14.
  • Modified the turret 3D models for combat tiles.
  • Added Terms and Condition and Privacy Policy clause confirmation window upon the first login to the game.
  • Optimized the layout graphics of the novice gift pack in the store.
  • Optimized the UI animations on all UI interfaces.
  • Optimized the UI for novice login rewards and adjusted the timing for daily login rewards and novice login rewards pop-ups.
  • Optimized UI adaptation and performance for various smartphones and tablets.
  • Improve loading speed when switching from and to various UI modules.
  • Adjust the Hero’s Journey so that it automatically scrolls to unclaimed rewards upon opening.
  • Added a tutorial for defensive reinforcement battles.
  • Added the deck editing feature to the interface of the Biological Research Institute for ease of managing units and decks.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of alien invasions.
  • Added prompts for notifying insufficient required materials when building units or tiles.
  • Optimized the defensive reinforcement notification interface.
  • Fixed a bug where unit power didn’t change after acquiring new skills.
  • Fixed a bug in rarity upgrades with incorrect initial success rate.
  • Fixed various bugs related to incorrect success rate settings when upgrading combat tiles with Combat Tile Essence.
  • Fixed errors in the unit-tier upgrade interface.
  • Fixed errors in the numerical settings in reinforcement skills.
  • Fixed a bug where the building values on combat tiles did not correspond correctly to their levels.

The Closed Beta Phase 1.1 brought a slew of changes that promise to elevate your gaming adventure through the latest updates and enhancements.

Let’s dive into the highlights:

  • Added a gift pack selling feature to the store.
  • Added new items for sale in the store.
  • Added new Warrior unit: LORESEEKER ERIK.
  • Added new Cyborg unit: BRIGHTSTARS STELLA.
  • Optimized the disassemble entry button in the synthesis UI, changing it into a tab-style interface.
  • Optimized the gathering assistant icon and added an indicator for completed gathering.
  • Optimized the red dot mission prompts for seven-day missions. It will no longer indicate completed but still lock tasks.
  • Enlarge the close buttons on all interfaces.
  • Optimized the replay-related buttons, updating them with more prominent icons.
  • Updated the land functionality. Now, the daily max acquisition limit on electricity varies depending on the land type.
  • Updated the land functionality. Now, the tax revenue will vary depending on the land type.
  • Updated the rules for unit upgrading and promotion to consume materials corresponding to each rank. Upgrading to higher ranks will also require SCAR. The UI interface has also been updated.
  • The materials for upgrading stars and promoting hero unit ranks can be obtained through the following methods:
  1. Produced in the Bio-Research Institute
  2. Battle loot chests
  3. 7-day missions
  • The materials for upgrading stars and promoting combat tile ranks can be obtained through the following methods:
  1. Produced in the Geo-Research Institute
  2. Battle loot chests
  3. 7-day missions
  • Adjusted rewards for the battle chest rewards and added SCAR rewards.
  • Adjusted rewards for the 7-day missions and alien invasions. Added new battery items.
  • Updated the order of the main quest sequences and pushed the first gathering quests back.
  • Adjusted the number of summoned units following the hero units. Reduced the initial number of summoned minions. The number of summoned minions increases with higher ranks.
  • Fixed a bug causing an abnormal selection box when clicking on tiles.
  • Fixed the issue of the language setting button having an excessively loud sound effect.
  • Fixed the 3D animation issues of the initial 10-second chrono chests.
  • Fixed the bug where the dynamic bar on the prompt interface disappears when casting reinforcement skills.
  • Improved marketplace loading speed.
  • Added an NFT transfer function to the marketplace.

Wander around ScarQuest Marketplace with new enhancements and features!

Here are the latest enhancements and fixes that have been implemented to make your marketplace experience even more seamless and enjoyable.

  • Improved marketplace loading speed.
  • Added NFT transfer function to the marketplace.
  • A new background image has been added to add a touch of creativity and vibrancy.
  • Effortless browsing is now at your fingertips with optimized page control adjustments.
  • We’ve added 1155–2 contracts to expand your trading possibilities. Now you can buy and sell comic series, comic cards, and unit vouchers in the marketplace.
  • Resolved the issue of missing items in My Store.
  • Unchecking filters on your My Store tab to accurately display market content.
  • We’ve amped up the loading speed for TokenIds, providing you with a fast marketplace experience.
  • Explore the marketplace with ease using the newly added browse sorting functions.
  • Seamlessly connect your trust wallet and other wallets with our platform using Wallet Connect for a more integrated trading experience.

Next in line:

Add filter options for NFT traits.

Stay tuned for this exciting feature that will further enhance your ability to find the perfect NFTs!

Let’s step back and look at the inaugural phase of ScarQuest’s Closed Beta Rollout!

Here’s a quick recap of the highlights from Phase 1:

  • Launched on-chain marketplace.
  • Added red dot notification feature for the seven-day mission, battlefield score achievements, chrono chests, and gathering systems.
  • Added new hero: Illusive-mask Urdo.
  • Added tutorial pop-up for players after upgrading a tile for the first time.
  • Added display of both sides’ Star Hall levels and abilities in battle records and at the start of battles.
  • Added a dismantling function entry button in the star rank-up interface.
  • Increased early-game resource acquisition for players.
  • Lowered difficulty for the initial 5 battles.
  • Optimized the color of the cancel selection button in the star rank-up interface.
  • Optimized the flame ball skill effect for Vesta; it no longer disappears immediately after the damage is dealt.
  • Optimized deployment during defense setup: now you can directly select objects by clicking on their models.
  • Optimized the star rank-up interface; the player can now select a new object while another object is highlighted.
  • Changed the play button icon in battle records.
  • Changed the functionality of leaving the planetary surface; it now returns to the previous page instead of the lobby.
  • Added a cancel tile selection function when deploying defenses.
  • Moved the detailed information button for unit cards to the bottom right corner.
  • Fixed a major bug where there was repeated loading when returning from defense deployment to the planetary surface.
  • Fixed a major bug where deployed units were not highlighted when entering defense deployment.
  • Fixed a major bug where the defending team couldn’t end the battle.
  • Fixed a major bug where incorrect records appeared in battle records.
  • Unified the terminology for attack and defense scores.
  • Over dozens of minor bug fixes and optimizations.

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that the Closed Beta Rollout is currently underway and set to continue through Q1 2024! Brace yourselves as we embark on a journey that will redefine your ScarQuest experience.

ScarQuest Marketplace Unveiled

The first leg of our Closed Beta Testing has unveiled the much-anticipated ScarQuest Marketplace! Now, our NFT holders can seamlessly trade, purchase, and showcase their prized NFTs with fellow community members.

Desktop Version Unleashed

Next up, ScarQuest expands its horizons to desktops, making its presence felt on esteemed gaming platforms such as STEAM. This move aims to captivate a broader audience of Web2 players and provide widespread visibility for the ScarQuest universe.

Mobile Version on iOS and Android

Get ready to take the adventure on the go! Introducing the launch of ScarQuest on iOS and Android devices. Play anytime, anywhere, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of ScarQuest, right at your fingertips.

As we progress, our ScarQuest team is committed to delivering a smooth and enhanced gaming experience for all our members.

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