How to Bridge Velhalla (SCAR) Token

A detailed description of how to bridge SCAR from Pancakeswap to Wagyuswap

2 min readDec 28, 2021

Building bridges between alliances is an important strategy for battle in Velhalla, which is why the Gods have come with news of how to bridge SCAR between Pancakeswap and Wagyuswap.

Below, you will find which app you can use to bridge your SCAR and how to properly bridge from one network to the other.


**Once you have bought SCAR in PancakeSwap / WagyuSwap, you can bridge it into 2 different networks (Binance Smart Chain and Velas Network). Please see steps below:

  1. You can visit this will be the app/site that will be used to transfer SCAR tokens from one network to another (BSC to Velas, Velas to BSC).
  2. Click “Launch App” at the top right side of the screen.
  3. Choose the Network you want to use to transfer SCAR token (BSC to Velas, Velas to BSC).
  4. Choose SCAR token in the drop down menu and input the amount of SCAR token you want to transfer.
  5. Once the amount of token is entered, check the Crosschain fee, make sure to have enough BNB/VLX in your wallet for the fee.
  6. The site normally charges around 0.02 BNB (about $10 USD, price may vary depending on the price of BNB) to bridge any amount of token (SCAR included) from BSC to VLX chain. In addition to the crosschain fee is the small transaction fee that normally costs around $0.30 USD. Crosschain fee plus transaction fee will cost around $10.3 USD.
  7. Click “Allow to Swap”, Metamask will pop up to confirm the gas fee.
  8. Once approved, click the “Swap” button. Metamask will pop up again to confirm the gas fee.
  9. Wait for the process to be completed and validate in Metamask if the SCAR Token has already been transferred.

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