Top 10 GameFi MetaVerses to Watch Out For in 2022–2023

6 min readSep 20, 2022


The world of GameFi has branched out into mainstream gaming in ways that have toppled the online gaming industry with a massive number of GameFi platforms that have been released in recent years. Many GameFi projects in the metaverse space have inspired up and coming games to take their shot at joining the “Pantheon of projects that have done super well in the crypto space.” Magical medieval worlds, nostalgic digital pocket pets, digital celebrity encounters, viking-cyborg space battles…With so many upcoming releases, knowing which GameFi projects to keep an eye on could be a potential benefit to your online gaming bag, and in the world of crypto, many people know that getting in early on a project and staying in the loop on what upcoming projects to keep your eye on can mean potential success in the future.

10. Splinterlands

Originally known as Steem Monsters, Splinterlands is a play-to-earn trading card based game that allows players to fight against monsters to earn in-game rewards. Operating on the Hive blockchain, this free-to-play game offers over 283 different cards that players can combine to add to their abilities and increase their in-game strength. There are also a variety of ways for players to earn daily rewards including tournaments and quests. Players are matched into battles based on their rank within the game. The more battles that a player wins, the more they can increase their rank and earn more rewards.

9. Aavegotchi

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Aavegotchi is an avatar based game where players can purchase, grow, and collect characters inspired by Tamagochi, the well known 90’s era digital pets. Each Aavegotchi character comes in the form of a cartoon ghost NFT with a specific ‘rarity score’ that is calculated based on different traits, costumes, compatibility score, and how well the player interacts with their avatar. Each Aavegotchi comes with unique attributes that can also help to increase a player’s score.

8. Illuvium

Known to some as the first AAA game built on the Ethereum blockchain, Illuvium is a PVP game that allows players to battle Illuvials, the god-like inhabitants of Illuvium. When defeated, the Illuvials will become part of the players collection and can be utilized when fighting other players while you build your army of battling beasts. You can also customize your avatar and spend your time exploring the world of Illuvium with their open-world exploration design.

7. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is an open-world game where players can build, own, and monetize their creations on the Ethereum blockchain. Similar to the Microsoft based game Minecraft, the design of the game features pixelated block-like characters and realms that players can create by spending SAND. Available on Mac, PC, and mobile, The Sandbox allows players to explore the shared map while creating NFTs that can be sold in-game for SAND tokens.

6. Star Atlas

Set in the year 2620, Star Atlas is a space-themed multiplayer metaverse where players can create, collect, and trade NFTs within the Star Atlas universe. With its expansive open world design built on the Solana blockchain, players have to journey through the game while fighting through different challenges and space dangers and compete with other players within the metaverse. Based on the Solana blockchain.

5. Alien Worlds

Alien world is a WAX blockchain based P2E (play to earn) game that takes place in the year 2055. Known as the Federation of Alien Worlds, players can obtain a plot of land in the form of an NFT within the metaverse to mine Trilium, the in-game utility token. The more players that mine and stake their Trilium, the bigger the reward pool becomes for everyone in the game to earn. Everything within the game has been tokenized including tools and avatars, creating a more fair in game economy.

4. Gods Unchained

This trading card based combat game allows players to earn GODS, the native in-game token that is used as payment throughout the game. Similar to the well known battle trading card game Magic: The Gathering, this metaverse that describes themselves as the trading card game that “Pays to Play” is free-to-play and also allows players to collect rare cards that have special and unique real world value by battling other players using digital decks of powerful cards.

3. DeFi Kingdoms

Set in the realm of Gaia, DeFi Kingdoms immerses you into a medieval style pixel RPG world where players can create their own in-game character, collect in-game NFTs, and farm JEWEL, the native token of the game. Built on the Harmony Protocol blockchain and centered around NFTs, players must defend their JEWEL by summoning heroes to help defend their JEWEL gardens from various monsters and creatures.

2. MetaFame

As a player, your goal within MetaFame will be to befriend celebrities and influencers and

help build their reputation while earning rewards like collectable celebrity NFT video clips. Players will also be able to find and claim prime real estate on the MetaFame Open Street Map where players will be able to spot celebrities, earn in-game currency, and earn BFM, the official token of MetaFame. Holders of the BFM token will have the opportunity to stake their tokens to potentially earn more rewards in the future or exchange BFM tokens for Clout, the in-game token that will allow players to upgrade their characters and earn even more high ranking rewards.

1. Velhalla

Velhalla, the very first MetaVerse project on the Velas Blockchain,is a cyborg-space-viking based game that has gained a palpable amount of attention in anticipation of their full game release in December of this year. Players will soon be able to engage in epic battles with fellow players from around the world and earn rewards including game based NFTs and SCAR, the official Velhalla based cryptocurrency. This Play-to-Earn MetaVerse crypto game combines Norse lore with cyberpunk, and has also released a series of collectable NFT comics that coincide with the upcoming game. As the first MetaVerse with a limited amount of available land, the Velhalla MetaVerse has the potential to be in a similar realm as other limited supply projects such as Crypto Punks and the super limited Bitcoin…once they’re gone, they’re gone. As an added bonus, holders of any land on the Velhalla gaming planet will be able to trade with other players in the game.

Millions of people from around the world have joined the online gaming space, creating a place where the possibilities of metaverse gaming are truly endless. Multiple gaming platforms from every corner of the crypto gaming space have expanded online gaming to a point that now includes a whole other online universe where players can not only enjoy their gaming time, but also earn rewards and potentially make real world gains. With our online social culture continuing to grow at an exponential rate, these newly released and upcoming projects have the potential to be the next major gaming platforms in GameFi.

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