Velhalla’s Biggest Game Development Update Yet!

The DEVs Kick Into High Gear for the Month of June

3 min readJul 9, 2022


There have been many update highlights throughout the previous months as we move closer to our full game release, but the month of June held many momentous steps towards the future of Velhalla. In a downturn market, many GameFi/crypto projects may slow down or become more quiet and bide their time until a turn around comes, but in Velhalla, we believe that this is our time to push harder and bring our community even more content, exciting updates, and keep building towards victory! In this respect, we are very excited to share the newest monthly game development update and this time around, the DEV team has some big ideas and major progress to share with the Velhalla community.

Queen Kara makes her debut!

In this update video, the DEVs talk a bit about the release of Chapter 6 in the comic series: The Axe of Tears, that introduces Queen Kara into the storyline (1:06–2:28) along with how the land airdrops are conducted for those who have 5 star land and how to reach 5 star level (2:38–5:50).

Free to Play Home Base System

The DEVs also give an in-depth look into the game systems that are being constructed including how players will be able to harvest different resources for building, the different types of buildings that players will be able to construct, and how the mining of resources will work.

For land owners, the developers are also working on a land exchange that will be implemented within the game (14:13–19:26). Our previous launch of the land sale allowed many prospective Velhalla players to purchase multiple plots of land, but some of these spaces may have been scattered around different sections of the planet. With the land exchange system in place, players will have the option to exchange their scattered land for one large space.

Along with all of the major gaming system updates, the DEVs also introduce new art production character designs including a sneak peak at the exclusive Cybored Ape and what each home base will look like (19:27–23:57).

Innovating PFP Collections for In-Game Systems

One of the next biggest steps towards our full game release is the implementation of the PFP NFT! For the first time in the Velhalla MetaVerse, players will have the opportunity to mint an in-game avatar that will be a fully tradable NFT. Each avatar will begin as a basic character that can be upgraded and customized with armor, weapons, and traits that will increase its rarity and in-game skill level! (23:58–28:10).

The month of June has been a massively successful step towards what Velhalla can and will be. With the game releases drawing ever closer as we move through the year, land exchanges and PFP NFTs are just the beginning of what’s to come in Velhalla.

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